Why Get A Professional Watchmaker: The Four Reasons Why You Should Get Professional Watch Repairs?

On many occasions, most of us would often do DIY watch repairs just to avoid going to a watchmaker. But did you know that DIY watch repair may actually cause a lot more damage on your watch?

With this in mind, we tried to come up with a little article on why you should take your watch to a professional watchmaker instead of tweaking your watch with DIY watch repair.

A professional watchmaker knows better.

Another reason why you need to take your watch to a professional watchmaker is that they know better. These professionals have studied different kinds of watches, be it vintage watches, luxury watches, and ordinary watches. They know how to fix problems without accidentally breaking anything inside your watch. They can dismantle, assemble and replace some of the dying parts like the batteries and other mechanisms inside your watch. They can do luxury watch repairs or even vintage watch repairs. Learn more about vintage watch repair on swisstimeservices.

They have the tools to open your watch.

Aside from the knowledge, they are also equipped with the equipment for watch repairs. With these tools, they can easily open and disassemble your watch when needed. Aside from that, they also have the tools to repair it. With this, you rest assured that your watch will always still look good even if the watches are repaired and disassembled.

They help you save money.

DIY watch repairs can help you save money or lose more money, especially if you own a luxury watch or a vintage watch. DIY watch repair can cause major damage to your watches. Since in DIY watch repairs, you don’t have the tools to use in repairing your watch. Aside from that, some of the substances used in DIY watch repairs may not be suitable for vintage watch repairs or even luxury watch repairs.

With a professional’s guidance, you don’t have to buy a new watch or buy new parts for your vintage one. They make sure that your watch is always good as new, even after they undergo vintage watch repairs or luxury watch repairs.

Lengthens the life of your watch.

Lastly, a professional watchmaker can lengthen the life of your watch after it has been repaired or serviced. They can ensure that your watch will last longer than you expect it to be with their knowledge. Watches are one of the favorite heirlooms that are passed from generation to generation. If you want to keep your vintage watch in good condition, then you should get a professional watchmaker who can do vintage watch repairs.


Having a professional watchmaker to do watch repairs is indeed important. With their help, you can always keep your watch in pristine condition. That way, it can last longer. You can even give them to your children when they are of age.