Why the change in fashion takes place?

Fashion is something that is present in human life since ancient times. It is something that humans love to do. Fashion does not always revolve around clothes but also around other things like accessories, footwear, make-up, hairstyle, etc. Fashion designing courses never focus only on the dress but on other things as well which make the dress more eye-catching. Fashion always changed its trends with time, place, and generation. There was never a constant trend of something for two consecutive decades, it keeps on changing. At present, people’s education is getting vast, and as people’s educational degrees are getting strong their outlook, dressing sense everything is changing.

Our busy lifestyle also has an influence on our fashion sense and style, especially on women’s dressing sense. If we focus on women’s life 60-70 years ago, especially in India, we can perceive that majority of the woman was born and died within the four walls. But the scenario is different now most of the women are very much employed, using public transport they are managing both insides outside. This change in their lifestyle will make some difference in their fashion is obvious. Earlier the material of their dresses was heavier which was manageable for them but with passing days material got lighter for easy movement. Fashion designer courses in Kolkata, like INIFD Saltlake, focus on various fashions and styles but more on current demands and trends.

Fashion is completely a personal choice. It is something that depends on a person’s mentality, a person dresses up just like what he or she thinks of one own self. It is a general tendency of people to follow the trends their favorite stars follow. Actors and actresses also change the styles of their dresses, hairstyle, bags, and shoes often to be on the front line of fashion. As the generations are proceeding more comfortable materials are coming front.

Colours, always play a pivotal role in the fashion world. And if we compare colours of today’s costumes with those earlier ones then we can find the difference. In different fashion designing courses, students are given close information about different colours and materials. The same goes for make-up, the range, and varieties of make-up increased drastically. Make-up is no longer only for girls, boys also do apply make-up some due to profession and some do for their satisfaction. Fashion and make-up both are a form of art it has nothing to do with Gender.

As time changes fashion styles are also changing but many times we can see that styles that were on-trend almost 50 years ago, are coming back on trend but surely the heaviness of the material gets much lighter. But fashion or style always keeps coming back after certain intervals.