Why The Perception of Pearls Has Changed Completely? 

Pearls perception as a traditional or old-fashioned jewelry is changing. They are making a comeback because many jewelry designers are re-inventing pearl designs for young and modern women. Pearls are replacing diamonds and becoming staple amongst the global fashionistas. 

Glamorous icons introducing pearls to new generation

Celebrities and popular women have been at the root of this influence. Kate Middleton, the popular Duchess of Cambridge wears elegant double pearl earrings. Sarah Jessica Parker accessorizes her outfits regularly with pearls. Michelle Obama, America’s first lady wears double strand pearl rope.  

Keira Knightley, Angelina Jolie and Katy Perry are also seen sporting pearls with their sophisticated clothes to create classic, modern look. 

Why has the view of pearls changed completely?

Innovation in designs

  • Pearls are supple and very comfortable, so designers have created earrings that modern active women can wear daily. Even the hard motifs are flexible complementing wearer’s curves.
  • Jewelry designed is creative, colorful and fun. It can be worn in variety of ways. For example, long pearl ropes can be worn as bracelet round your wrist. They can even be worn as necklace in plethora of innovative ways.
  • Some designers integrate pearls in designs just like precious stones instead of playing a lead role. Diamonds and seed pearls are combine in chandelier drop earrings and tassel pendant. 
  • Creating bold asymmetric effect as small bead rests on your ear and large one peeks from behind your ear lobe

Affordability & accessibility

Demand has exploded for modern pearl jewelry is because jewelers are offering affordable pieces. As the market is saturated with cultured pearls for past two decades, it is easily accessible. You get exciting selection of pearls to choose, which can be irresistible. 

When you combine pearls of different shapes, sizes, and colors with other gems and metals to design earrings, rings, bracelets or necklaces then the possible mishmashes are nearly boundless. Cultured pearls are also natural pearls but grown in farms. However, they are harvested in plenty, so today even common people can enjoy natural pearl jewelry. 

People can get a wide collection to choose from, so they will certainly find one that suits their budget.