xRevamp Your Old Clothes to Be More Sustainable

The climate crisis is something that more and more people are growing concerned about. For the sake of future generations, individuals all over the globe are thinking of things that they can do to help slow the impact they are having on the environment and move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. While reducing how much meat you eat or giving up on it completely is a popular choice, there are other things you can do at home to make a difference. For example, growing vegetables in your garden, reducing energy and water wastage, and even revamping old clothes instead of simply throwing them out and buying new ones. If you want to know more about the latter, use the tips below to upgrade your wardrobe without buying a new outfit.

1.    Stitch Up Seams and Patch Up Tears

One of the main reasons why you might throw an item of clothing away is if it has been ripped and torn. Although sometimes your garments might be unsavable in these scenarios, a lot of the time, these problems can be resolved with a needle and thread. If the seam has torn, it’s relatively easy to stitch this back up, and you wouldn’t even notice there was ever a tear. For rips in the material that isn’t on the seam, you can always cut out the material that is lost and patch up the hole with a gorgeous patterned fabric that fits in with the colors and material of the original item of clothing.

2.    Paint Your Clothes and Accessories

Another creative way to revamp old clothes is by painting them. You can purchase specialist fabric paint to add some new colors to dull clothing, but this tip will probably work best for your accessories, such as bags and shoes. Look for Angelus paint acrylic leather paint that works wonderfully on shoes such as sneakers or leather boots. This could also work well on leather belts and bags if you want to spruce them up, too. This is a great way to create a truly unique look.

3.    Sequins, Badges, Iron on Patches

Iron on patches, in particular, might take you back to your teenage years – but they are great ways to revamp and personalize your clothing and accessories. Sewing on sequins is also useful for sprucing up a plain t-shirt, turning it into a suitable top for a party. Even pin-on badges and brooches can alter the appearance of your clothes and make great accessories that you can remove easily if you want to.

4.    Alter Hemlines, Remove Sleeves, etc.

If you feel more confident in your sewing skills, you could also alter hemlines on dresses and skirts, remove sleeves from shirts and blouses, or turn long trousers into Capri pants or shorts. These kinds of alterations are excellent ways to recycle old clothes rather than spending a small fortune on new pieces, which is great for your bank account as well as the planet.

If you want to try and be more sustainable and love getting creative, consider these options for upgrading old clothes in your closet rather than buying new ones.